Acrylic & Mixed Media Painting
Traditional & Innovative Approaches To Painting

Exploring The Possibilities Series

By C F Jernigan

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This ebook series is perfect for the individual seeking inspiration and new direction using both traditional and innovative approaches to acrylic and mixed media painting.

Each tutorial includes easy to follow in depth instructions alongside detailed color photos. Additional tips are included to help develop your creative skills and knowledge.

 Acrylic & Mixed Media Painting:
Exploring The Possibilities
Painting A Bas Relief #1

(e-book 91 pages)

Acrylic & Mixed Media Painting:
Exploring The Possibilities
Textures, Layers, & Patina  #2
(e-book 88 pages)

The following tutorials are available in PDF Format. Visit the shop for more details.

Dragonflies     Poppies

Magnolias        Outer Banks

Book 1             Book 2  


Explore, experiment, and create with artist and instructor
C F Jernigan 'C J'.

  • Come paint to relax or just to enjoy as a hobby.
  • Refine your artistic skills and knowledge.
  • Seek encouragement and fresh inspiration.
  • Network with other creatives.
  • All art experience levels are welcome to participate.
  • Work at your own pace and enjoy the experience. 
  • All workshops and learning materials are designed to enhance one's creative journey.

Wishing you a day full of inspiration and creative visions.